Terrific Genealogy Technology at Your Fingertips

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Terrific Genealogy Technology

What’s more important to your genealogy? Getting the latest gadgets and newest technology or using what you have to its fullest capacity? If you answered the latter, you’ll love this week-long workshop, The Best Technology for Smart Genealogy. While you will discover some new apps and websites you’ll want to try, you’ll also find the best tricks and techniques for using the genealogy technology already at your fingertips. Plus, you’ll discover creative uses and new combinations that will help you streamline your research process.

The Best Genealogy Technology

Slay the Giants

Do you know which online database has the most records? What about which collections you can access for free? There are tons of records that can be found online, but when it comes to knowing your genealogy technology, there are four giant websites are at the top of every list. In this workshop, we’ll explore the genealogy giants in-depth. Join us in an exploration of Ancestry.com, FamilySearch, Findmypast and MyHeritage to unlock the hidden gems in each database.

An App-titude for Research

Genealogy is going increasingly mobile and we can do more using the phones in our hands. Therefore, we benefit from the apps that provide access to your genealogy no matter where we are or what we’re doing. Are you sitting in a waiting room or standing in a long line? Use your smart phone to review hints on Ancestry or share an old photo with your relatives on Facebook. Learn which apps work best for a variety of research tasks, whether it’s preserving and sharing your family stories with others or uncovering hidden records online in this workshop.

Be a Social Butterfly

You’ll be surprised at how much benefit you’ll get from using social media with your research. From telling your ancestor’s story to using Facebook to work with potential DNA matches, your online connections can enrich your genealogy in a lot of ways. Try sharing some old family photos online to see if your relatives know who some of the strangers are. Or share the latest record you’ve found.

You’ll learn so many more tips and techniques for taking a smart approach to the technology you love in our workshop. You’ll also get 8 video presentations that you can download and keep. That’s a value of $350 for only $129.99. Add access to your instructor, Gena Philibert-Ortega, and you’ll be a tech-savvy genealogist by the end of the week.

Best Genealogy Technology

Join the workshop, starting June 4th. Don’t miss out!

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