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Family Tree / Family Tree - 5 months ago

Create a Family History Book for the Holidays

Halloween’s over, so your holiday shopping can begin, right? Or if you’re a genealogist, you might be thinking about using your research to create a meaningful Christmas gift for your spouse, parents, child, or other loved one. I did a family history...

by Family Solve - 5 months ago

The Right Route For Your Family Tree

Follow these tips on how to find family history without having to browse multiple ancestry sites to build your family tree. Our genealogy experts compiled advice to get you started with your family search and answer some of the most asked family his...

Family Tree / Family Tree - 5 months ago

Head in the Cloud: Genealogy Preservation

Sitting on Cloud Nine If you want an easy, secure way of preserving and organizing your genealogy research, you’ll learn a bunch of great tricks and techniques in our week-long workshop, Cloud Genealogy Bootcamp. Learn how to protect your famil...